The O Gauge Snowplough!

The O Gauge Snowplough!

Since the announcement of our exclusive 7mm O Gauge Independent Snowplough we have had an enormous amount interest, it something that was regularly requested when we released our OO Gauge version, so with the rise of Ready to Run O Gauge it was a natural choice for us to make. 

Since then, we've studied drawings, measured the real thing and stared at photographs and even dreamt about the things in our sleep... 

Since the very first sample, we've had a small issue with the shape of the nose along with some sinkage taking place when the model came out of the mould. We've always been aware of this had have worked with our partners, Dapol, to ensure we achieve the best results. 

Flangeway O Gauge Snowplough

We can therefore now show our latest engineering prototype. Work has focused on improving the shape and removing the sinkage. This has involved a redesign of the overall construction to remove any wafer thin parts of the plastic, in essence we've reinforced the wall behind the tip to stop it from sinking. 

This latest sample now puts us in a position to move to the next stage for final sampling and then approval which hopefully won't take too long. We ask for patience on a release date though; we will confirm this asap!

If you'd like to pre-order one of these lovely models, you can do for a £0 deposit here...

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